Flute Center

Elevating Global Musical Presence

Flute Center is a distinguished and leading brand in the world of musical instruments, specializing in flutes and related accessories. As a trusted name in the industry, Flute Center continues to elevate the musical journey of countless individuals by providing a platform where passion, precision, and performance converge.As the organization is expanding outside of New York, FCNY seeks a new logo and accompanying brand materials with a new name, Flute Center.

Art Direction
Brand Design
Strategic rebranding

Understanding the need to strengthen its brand presence, we embarked on a transformative journey to articulate the Flute Center's renewed identity. By constructing a concise brand pyramid, we crystalized the essence of the Flute Center as the ultimate destination for discovering the perfect flute and fostering a vibrant community of passionate flutists worldwide.

Logo redesign

Through several iterations inspired by the brand's essence and customer insights, we crafted a polished logo that seamlessly melds timeless elegance with a modern flair. The final logo not only encapsulates the brand's heritage but also represents its elevated status as a global influencer in the realm of flutes.


Weave's sleek lines, subtle curves, and asymmetrical details lend a distinct character, ensuring readability at any scale. Drawing inspiration from Serif typography, Weave embodies the Flute Center's modern image, making it a flexible and dynamic choice that resonates with the brand's sophistication.

Art direction

To create a memorable impact, we crafted two distinct brand worlds - a lively one tailored for vibrant marketing initiatives to evoke joy and creativity, and a formal one designed to convey trust and sophistication for corporate contexts. This approach ensures a versatile yet reliable brand identity. Furthermore, we developed cohesive style systems for marketing communications, capturing photography that encapsulates the essence of the flutes, perfectly aligning with our proposed vision.

Integrations & applications

From digital interfaces to printed materials, we seamlessly integrated the brand's distinct elements, reaffirming the Flute Center's position as a dynamic force in the world of flutes and musical innovation.