Three Greenhouse tea bags on a table outdoors.

Greenhouse Tea

Wellness and community for all

Greenhouse Tea believes that being healthy is a human right, not a privilege. The founders, Quentin and Erin, created their first green tea blend at the suggestion of their son’s neurologist as a natural way to help manage his ADHD. When we first met Quentin and Erin, we loved their mission as well as their initiatives that make yoga and mindfulness accessible to those who don't ordinarily have access to them.

‍Our task in launching their tea company was to create a direct-to-consumer brand built around wellness and community. We developed the Greenhouse Tea brand exactly how they approach their initiatives and clients, using empathy and care.

Logo design
Packaging design
Art Direction
Prop styling
Web design
Crafted with care

We started by creating the Greenhouse Tea logo. We saw the packaging as an element that could elevate the logo by focusing on the concepts of freshness and simplicity. Using elegant, minimal typography, we worked within the packaging specifications and client budget to produce a line of products that worked as a set, but was also bespoke to each tea blend. We collaborated closely with Quentin and Erin at every step of the process, thoughtfully executing their vision.

To tell the brand story, we produced custom outdoor and studio photoshoots. At the time, it was spring–a perfect backdrop for our concept of an outdoor tea party. We curated flat lays and lifestyle shots that perfectly communicated the renewed sense of well-being that Greenhouse Tea represents. In order to best feature the product, we photographed the individual tea blends with a macro lens, and also custom styled each tea’s packaging with key ingredients from its blend. Our approach was to channel simplicity and a bright freshness that would leave the audience rejuvenated.

With carefully art-directed imagery, Cue Studio launched Greenhouse Tea and reinvented their brand on the Shopify platform. We leveraged a Shopify theme, customizing it with beautiful, bespoke images that communicated the brand and its story.