A better world through empathy training

Translator came to us with a vision to develop meaningful diversity training for B2C businesses, Heads of HR, and Diversity and Inclusion Officers. We helped bring that vision to life by creating a visual identity system that maintains gender neutrality and fluidity, while also capturing individuality through color and photography. We created a powerful and anonymous digital app experience accompanied by group sessions with experts to drive storytelling and conversation.‍

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Creating identity with color

Translator as a brand is forward-looking, authentic, and confident–it’s not just one identity, shape, size, or color. A key consideration in developing their branding was the use of color. We were very conscious of any biases around the use of traditional gendered hues. Color, and identity around it, became the cornerstone around which the final brand identity was conceived. The logo manifested as completely customizable, so every employee at Translator could create their own “T” mark with the colors that they felt represented them.

The architectural “T” design emphasizes its positive and negative space, along with being a flat, yet 3D shape. With one logo mark, we were able to visually communicate a multi-faceted brand that aims to represent a world where we can all be different, but exist harmoniously.

Translator App Splash ScreenFind a quiet place and put on your headphones. How comfortable do you feel at work?
Bringing connection and empathy to the digital space

Translator aims to help companies increase employee engagement through interactive diversity education, virtual reality, and on-site facilitation. Cue Studio collaborated with stakeholders at Translator to create an educational framework using digital experiences accompanied by group learning sessions. By working with experts in diversity and inclusion and tying in real life stories, we created a series of in-person guided sessions using a digital app that allowed the audience to participate and respond to the group anonymously. Using screens to reflect the group’s feelings, the interactive experience was honest and enlightening for all participants.Thanks to the efforts of the Translator and the Cue Studio team, we continued to develop lessons and applications targeted for on-the-job use.