Effortless digital tools

YCharts is a financial research platform built for advisors, asset managers, and investors to be able to make smarter investments and visually communicate their insights. They came to Cue Studio with two key needs: a fully responsive design that worked from large desktop screens to mobile devices, and an updated look and feel to make the platform feel more modern and user-friendly.

YCharts sets itself apart from the competition with their extensive offerings in charting and data. In order to give them even more of a competitive edge, we needed to design easily comprehensible data with a clean user interface to make the product feel intuitive for investors. By collaborating with the YCharts founders and stakeholders, Cue developed a strong brand position and visual identity. We created a modern, clean, and minimal aesthetic, built on key design principles and consistent pattern usage. We built out the visual identity starting with the interface itself, validating our decisions with user testing. The new interface now reinforces the brand identity, helping customers quickly analyze the content and effortlessly use the digital tools.

Logo design
Packaging design
Art Direction
Prop styling
Web design

Roboto Condensed

Roboto Condensed

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Flexible design system

While updating the product from its original design to the new look and feel, Cue Studio developed a suite of custom components. We documented the usage of each component, and all the ways in which the parts worked together, so that in the future, we are able to mix and match components to solve for new UX and interactions within the product. The components and styles translate from web, to tablet, to single-page tear sheets and multi-page printable reports, all following the same visual system. This elevates the product by providing a consistent set of designs and experiences throughout the YCharts tools.

Ongoing product development

Leveraging our custom, responsive design system, we’ve collaborated with YCharts over a number of years to design, enhance, and update their digital product and suite of apps. Working closely with the YCharts internal product and engineering teams, we collaborate from ideation through hand-off and QA, working in regular cycles to enhance existing tools and expand YCharts’ suite of offerings. View more at ycharts.com